The manufacturing challenge
by a professional group in the precision field

We have established product management, production technology, and manufacturing technology to keep up with ever-changing product needs and deliver them swiftly in high quality.
Our integrated engineering technology from design to commercialization enables us to respond to diversifying product needs, secure superior products, and realize a multi-product production system.

Business Content

Engineering Development Dept.

Engineering Development

Our strengths are in creating integrated systems from software to hardware (mechanical and electrical) design and production based on the core technologies cultivated over many years. We make full use of mechatronics to fulfill the needs of our customers.
Please consult with us, a group of professionals with a wealth of know-how, when it comes to equipment and facilities. We will support your manufacturing!

Manufacturing Dept.


We provide a wide range of services to meet our customers' needs, from manual assembly of precision parts such as various electronic components and machine parts to mass production using automated and semi-automated machines.
We are committed to delivering micron-order precision parts with reliable quality, low prices, and short delivery times through our dedication to thorough process control and work standardization.

Company Overview

Company name
AiSONIC Corporation
Head Office Address
1-78 Shimizusawa, Ukai, Takizawa-city, Iwate 020-0658, Japan
Yuji Onodera, President and Representative Director
80 million yen
73 employees (as of January 2023)
Business Description
①Assembly of precision parts
②Design and development of automation and labor-saving equipment